Recently, I had a conversation with an Australian Aborigine on facebook.It was an interesting discussion which bothered on the attempts for self-actualization by the original inhabitants. It’s somewhat  political in style, but I have no doubt the reader will learn a thing or two.Please excuse a few grammatical errors as the spelling might not be concise with how you know words should be spelt in an english dictionary:

 Michael Caleb-Havilah I have been reading posts on this page and find them pretty interesting.But there is one question which remains to me unansad:IF THE LAND IS ND SHULD REMAIN ABORIGINAL BECOS IT WAS NEVA CEEDED IN A TREATY….WHAT ABOUT THE DEVELOPMENTAL VALUE ON THAT LAND…THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT,THE STRUCTURE & INSTITUTIONS OF GOVERNANCE,THE ECONOMIC SYSTEMS,THE TECHNOLOGY,THE INFRASTRUCTURE etc. Yes the land is aboriginal alright,but australia is more than bare land today.Candid ansas please.

Australia – Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land Michael, it is widely unrecognised that the great majority of infrastructure such as roads (aka Cobb & Co. tracks) connecting the various, and then colonial townships, were developed on the walking tracks of the Aboriginal people in the various states across australia. the national government only came into place at federation which was on 1st January 1901 (some 113 years after initial invasion/colonisation), previous to this there were a bunch of self governing british colonies. Additonally, much of agricultural industries especially related to cattle and sheep and railway systems were built on the blood and sweat of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as well – where they were either sent out to work as 10 year olds and had their monies kept in the government coffers or they were exempt from the relevant act (according to what state they lived in) and able to work as ‘free’ men but then most time the white people would underpay or not pay at all (go read the Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith and you’ll find out about that!)…. and then finally, there is the white australia policy/agenda that sought to deliberately and conscientiously EXCLUDE Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from full and equal participation in the development of this nation – oh and that didnt stop until 1967 (like 46 year ago!)… ALWAYS WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE ABORIGINAL LAND, regardless of the union jack!

Michael Caleb-Havilah ….and where is the place of the non-aboriginal australian in this ‘land’ of yours…?at least the terminology ‘australasia’ is an anglofonic word which was nt sourced to any aboriginal language…even english the language with which you’re speakin with me rite now…

Australia – Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land where is the place of the non-aboriginal people? obviously where their ancestors come from. my ancestral connection to this land called australia goes back over 60,000+ years which is equivalent to 3000 generations. in comparison, 225 years of colonial history is equivalent to around 11 generations of people that have transplanted themselves from their ancestral lands. Winani Mirikala, in my native language, means to ‘keep the fire burning’, it is something of a motto for myself to never forget or deny my connection to my ancestors and my ancestral lands. all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s walk in two-worlds, our people’s world and the white man’s world, pretty much similar to all other native peoples around the world. i’ve learnt to master the english language and white man ways of doing things – you got to get by and to be heard…

Michael Caleb-Havilah ….in the 60000+ yrs yur ancestors were…what developmental value did they have on the ancestral land prior to the arrival of the colonists?aside yur language,race nd land (wit its mineral nd natural resources),wat legacy can yu point to in yur country which can be traced to aboriginal ancestry…?…(given dat even the concept of aboriginality was coind by the white man to give yur race a collective identification)

Australia – Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land Michael, aside from the large proportion of the east/sth east coast, which copped the main brunt of colonial activities, there are still a large number of Aboriginal people who maintain and continue cultural traditions that have been unbroken for the past 60,000+, let alone the past 236 years of colonisation. as to your mocking of developmental value it really is quite simple, this land is a vast continent rich with many resources and obviously located in a good spot on the planet to have harboured the right kind of environmental conditions to sustain life. There was no need to build fences to establish proof of ownership, which is basically the foundation of whiteman’s legal system (individuals at arms length competing with one another for resources in the same area). as to legacy, it’s the living breathing cultural expression of all Aboriginal people from time’s gone to the present. and finally, i dont a give a toss what word/name/view people such as yourself, or other ignoramus types, hold in relation to the connnection of Aboriginal people to this ancestral land – it’s not a bout words, it’s about the blood that runs through our veins. dunno where your mob comes from, but if you want to deny them or ancestral connections then that’s your problem – i live in the land of my ancestors and i’ll praise, honour and repsect them without hesitation.

Michael Caleb-Havilah :d…I’m not a white man mate..

Australia – Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land im not saying that you are, so dont get snidey with me mate!… i dont know where you come from, black white or brindle, i dont know you or your background. my point is, as an ABORIGINAL person, the blood that runs through my veins has ancestral connection to this land that stems back over 3000 generations (60,000+ years). simple as.

Michael Caleb-Havilah Were Australia to become yur ancestral land again and the colonialists returnd to their ancestral land according to yur claim….what wuld you call dat new country since the terminology ‘australia’ and even ‘aboriginal’ are ‘copyrighted’What would be the structure & institution of such a society because each aboriginal nation/tribe had it’s own culture & tradition?…Have you taken the tym to think thru on these issues?

Australia – Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land Michael, what you’ve said above there is obviously a moot point and one that has been subject of many a conversation no doubt. Me, personally, cannot give you any DEFINATIVE answer on the subject or even conject one – simply it’s not up to one person. having said that, i’d definately like to see reserved seats in governmental structures for ATSI ppl – local, state and federal, in the hope that this type of measure would make way for greater representation of ATSI issues across the country according to each region.

Michael Caleb-Havilah Lols…..But the concept of local, State and Federal is nt Aboriginal but Australian (White…Colonial or European if you will)….in the days of your ancestors (which you impressed me to speak so well of)…you did nt have one country of aboriginal people .Besides how can you have a credible political structure which would Federal State and local segmented without elections….appropriate representation can not and would nt be achieved thru reservation….and all of that concept were intrduced or brought by the whites and colonialist

Australia – Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land the system of govt in nz seems to work alright, but then they have that ‘magic’ word TREATY to bargain with… while the concept is colonial, it’s a situation where you either adapt or die out, regardless of all the wrongs, Aboriginal people are still survivors!

Michael Caleb-Havilah Lets ATIS alone for a moment….how much of African history do you know?Have yu any idea of African colonial & Post Colonial history?

Australia – Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land i have a bit of knowledge about it. in terms of their being a number of colonising nations – brits, dutch, french – who’re reaping great rewards from mining of resources and holdings in land… i know a bit about apartheid coz it’s something that was mirrored here in australia, particularly qld and wa. i know that there are many different tribal groups and languages, im not too knowledgeable about the extent of colonisation of Africa, in terms whether all African nations were taken over by some other colonising country or not. and i’ve recently become interested in the level of interest from China in Africa in recent and present days actions. (I watch the Chinese, African and Arabian news on foxtel, very interesting shows and topics – prefer these to australian/american/english stuff by far!)…

Australia – Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land i know that there is strife as well, particularly in some African countries where the colonising country has withdrawn. i see on news that some democracy process can or have been compromised by undemocratic acts by political parties and some leaders. i see that there is potential for acts of greed to undermine the use and distribution of wealth to those in power with minimal regard for the people. i see that there is a greater number of educated African people who are striving for the best for their people. i see that there are a number of warlords who’ve contributed to the killing and displacement of thousands of people…

Michael Caleb-Havilah ..fair enof!I assume you have regular Internet access….so I wuld advice that you go and do online study of the history of the countries of LIBERIA & RHODESIA/ZIMBABWE…all of the points you enumerated (africa) are good,bt only the effects of smtin deeper.For yu to understand the cause,study wat I just told.You wuld see WHY it is pertinent for you to modify yur own views and WHAT wuld happen to yur country if yu don’t…I’ll give yu a few day 🙂

The conversation thus ended at this point…because he/she never got back to me on that assignment.


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